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Forward Thinking

Investment Process

Attitude to Risk Assessment

An accurate evaluation of the risk tolerance of our client has become one of our basic principles in financial best practice. As part of our process we use Psychometric Risk Profiling to help identify the attitude to investment risk of our clients. The assessment takes only a few minutes to complete and provides an indication of the risk level which may be appropriate, taking into account other factors such as your investment experience, timescales and capacity for loss.

Asset Allocation Modelling

The implementation of asset allocation forms the heart of Investment decisions and Sacre Associates use a range of sophisticated software and the services of industry professional consultants to ensure that our clients’ portfolios are balanced to meet the appropriate level of risk and volatility with the ability to capture returns of as wide a range of global markets as possible. By matching your risk profile with the corresponding asset allocation model we look to ensure your capital is diversified across cash, fixed interest securities, property and equities in the correct proportion based on your objectives, time horizons and appetite for risk.

Choosing your Investment Portfolio

We incorporate two major steps to our research with information provided by leading research organisations and other third party consultants. The research to establish the best funds available within a sector includes both quantitative and qualitative assessments on an ongoing basis. Please refer to our Investment Principles statement on our Documents page, for more details.

Quantitative Research

Includes assessing a fund to find its true performance based on purely mathematical data, highlighting consistency and out performance on a risk adjusted basis against a fund’s peers.

Qualitative Research

Involves assessing the approach used by the fund managers and their team looking closely at their overall investment process. Our investment committee sits on a regular basis to test asset allocation and determine which funds should continue to be recommended in our portfolios. As part of the agreed monitoring service we will recommend any changes to funds as they are re-classified, downgraded or fall outside of the investment parameters following a change in your appetite for risk, financial circumstances or macro factors