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Forward Thinking

Investment Process

Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation models have been built up over many years using data and input from a variety of in-house and 3rd party resources. A detailed explanation and description of the principles which drive our approach may be found in our Investment Principles document which can be viewed on

The main asset classes available to us for investment are cash, fixed interest securities (also called bonds), commercial property, equities (also called shares), commodities and derivatives. We operate five risk-graded models, each of which has a different combination and weighting of these asset classes. The objective is to achieve a long-term return which is commensurate with the level of risk and volatility implied by the combination of assets used – the “asset mix”. This model is one of many available and cannot claim to be a predictive or definitive representation of actual returns or risk levels. This is particularly true over the short-term. Despite these shortcomings, the model offers a considered and regularly tested in-depth approach to providing a suitable investment portfolio.

Investment Selection Process

The fund selections which deliver the assets are the culmination of a thorough and consistent process using the wide research resources and experience available to us. Put simply the process is:

Assessment of a client’s attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss

Production of an Asset Allocation Model which meets the appropriate risk tolerance

Selecting appropriate funds to deliver the Asset Allocation Model

Sacre Associate’s Investment Committee meets regularly to research, approve and monitor a panel of funds and securities from which to select for our clients. Each fund manager which we use has prepared a Key Investors Information Document (KIID) outlining the fund details. These may be viewed on

Reviewing and Re-balancing Portfolios

We recommend that clients review portfolios annually and re-balance to the current model, when appropriate. We undertake these reviews for clients who subscribe to one of our pro-active services.

Risk Warnings